Sunday, August 5, 2007

Enough of DC


Two letters sometimes denotes an era

This ad of DC made me think that finally DC has shifted from sensuality to sensibility. “Wow” was my first expression toward the hoarding on my first sight of it near Tidel Park, “nice piece of creativity from the ad agency” was what I told to myself, I thought it definitely would be a hit, but the excitement existed only till my second look on it turning around from my bike, and now I added an S before the hit. Now, go to the top and read the caption again, it should have been “denote” not “denotes”. This mistake seems to be silly but it is not so. To me, it raises the following questions:
1. Is an error in subject–verb agreement acceptable for a newspaper?
2. Was it the mistake of the copywriter or the publisher or was it a typo?
3. Has anyone proofread the content?
4. How come a grammatical error happens in a one-liner.

DC needs to be Definitely Careful.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DC again !!! T-Shirt caption: Boom r Bust?

The DC Ballad

Sun! Sun! shine ur way
Little DC makes its hay
Up above the board so high
Like a porn star in the sky

Up along the rough highway
Teens and young ones r ur prey
How do people watch their way
Guys of Chennai are not Gay!!!

Hats-off DC U make our guys hold their head high!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Deccan Pornicle

Deccan Pornicle (News made explicit)
The anti-Hindu(newspaper) newspaper Deccan Chronicle has come up with an eye-catchy yet disgusting hoarding campaign in select places of the city. I’m actually still not aware of their intentions but it definitely is an eye-catcher. “Get both sides of the story” seeks excellent placement on the model’s half-lifted T-shirt (as if ready to reveal out the story). I wonder how this campaign has not got the eyes of our city feminists yet. Seems to be an ad for Playboy mag, not a newspaper. DC has been doing a series of “Definitely Catchy, Definitely Cool” campaigns with sizzling models across the city but this seems to be "Definitely Clumsy". But the to-be-blamed are we ourselves, who always seek something "extra" inspite of quality, anyway the creativity lying underneath deserves a hats-off.
Right Caption in the wrong place.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pirates of Tamilnadu (series)

This is about how our directors shoot (steal) for their films. Let's start with our mega shooter, the one and only Mani Rathnam. Ayudaha Ezhuthu was a mega venture for mani with a decent star cast. When u dig deep into the roots u will end up with "Amores Perros " directed by Alejandro González Iñárri. The plot of the story is the same as Ay Ez..., the movie starts with a road accident from which the characters roll back to a narrative.
The other shot feature in Ayu Ezh.. is the different colour tones used for Maddy, Siddharth and Surya depicting their natures. This comes from the renowned Polish director Kieślowski whose colour trilogy films of Red, Blue and White were amongst the most celebrated in world cinema. The films bear a colour tone reflecting the theme of the movies, which "Mani the great" did in a single movie.
Even the sequence of Meera Jasmin in which she aborts her child to express her disgust towards Madhavan is shot from a Bengali short story, for which I don't have a source.
This what we call "inspiration" for which people like music director Deva are inhumanly criticized. For heaven's sake, tamil directors please make tamil cinema.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not another bloggie!!!

Hi blogmates!!!

Not another bloggie may sound a bit over-confident but the mango in the topmost branch is likely to be the tastiest, so no harm in jus aiming at it. I've cut the umblical ribbon and jus born in the blog-world and u know that humans are the only animals that could'nt stand and walk at once after birth. Do give time to stand up!!!

luv vijay